Friday, July 8, 2016

We Have Moved Our Stuff, Sold Our House and Are Off on Our Adventure

After months of work getting ready to sell our house it has final come down to moving day, Wednesday July 6. Especially for the last week we have been getting up early and working all day sorting, cleaning and packing. We have stacks of boxes on every floor and room. Who could believe we had so much stuff. We packed and pack, plus donated at ton, put another ton on the sidewalk, taking more to the landfill, it just kind of went on and on.

The Leonardo da Vinci of packing. RARE's crew chief was amazing.

These bins were very useful for moving and collecting boxes

On move day we were up at 4:30am in the morning trying to get ready for the movers who were coming at 8:00. We used RARE Moving and Trucking Company of Boston and they were fantastic. RARE showed up on just past 8:am, great crew, easy to work with and took care of all our stuff. I would recommend them for anyone making a move. As it turned out we had to call for a second truck. We just had way to much stuff. The temperature was hot about 91 degrees and for some reason all these moths decided to hatch. Throughout the move we had these moths everywhere, drove us kind of nuts. 

By 9:30pm on Wed we were short about 6 feet of storage space. Because we had so much stuff we needed to come back to the Storage facility the next day and buy additional storage. Thursday morning RARE came back with the rest of our stuff, we bought more space and they packed it all in. Done, exhausted, sore, but done.

It is amazing how many little tasks it takes to close down your house after 23 years. From dealing with the water and electric company, the phone company, the bank, our lawyer, our house insurance, car insurance, Verizon, magazine, PO Box. We are putting our stuff in storage and will travel for a few months and won't really have an address, basically being homeless while we travel, it really bothers the authorities, they want you to live somewhere. For car insurance you need an address and the banks like it too. Anyways after moving most of our financial life online, we are ready to go. That was almost one of the hardest tasks getting ready to move and traveling, getting rid of all the paper bills.

By Wednesday night we both felt like we had been beat up from the physical and mental stress of all the work. Backs hurt, finger hurt, knees hurt, and brain hurt. I am really glad we put all the work in to get ready, otherwise we would still be doing it. We packed what seems like hundreds of boxes. We also have a Bagster, which is like a dumpster that you get at Home Depot, for trash. Best thing ever. It is filled with all kinds of precious stuff that as the move goes on isn't quite so precious. We heard later that we had a line of cars picking through our Bagster dumpster looking for good stuff.

Today the house closed, a new young family will take over our house and build their own memories in our old neighborhood. We really went through a life purge, more to come on the other end also but we did it. On to the next adventure