Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 30, 2016 We Visit Glacier National Park for the Day, Stop By the Hungry Horse Dam

July 30, 2016 We Visit Glacier National Park for the Day, Stop By the Hungry Horse Dam.

Today was a great day, today we drove up to Waterton - Glacier National Park. The park is Glacier in the US and Waterton on the Canadian side of the border. It is one of the few parks if maybe the only one that spans a border.

Glacier is on of the jewels of the National Park System. It is an amazing and beautiful place and should be on everyone's bucket list to see. With a million acres of unspoiled mountains, rivers, glaciers, forest and prairie it is a stunning place. The major feature that you experience first is the famous 50 mile drive across the park called Going to the Sun Road. It goes from west to east depending on where you enter. It is a stunning road that takes you up into the park and back out. It doesn't matter which side you enter on, it is beautiful either way. Traffic doesn't move fast and it twists and turns constantly but it is worth every mile.

We entered on the western side, by the Apgar Visitor Center, stopped for a hike at the Cedar Nature Trail and then stopped all along the road. Logan Pass was full so we couldn't stop there so we went on to the eastern exit. Along the way we saw a bear in the Rising Sun area and just enjoyed a spectacular day. Weather helped a lot, it didn't get into the 90s until late in the afternoon and we were on our way home. It was fun having our daughter Heather along with us, she enjoyed it a lot also.

This is one of those places you have to get to if you are a fan at all of the National Parks. Put is on your bucket list.

Standing at the East entrance to Glacier National Park

Jones family at Glacier National Park

Walking along the Cedar Nature Trail. Great little trail, easy to walk.

Bruce and Louise with some of the dramatic mountain skyline

Driving can be a challenge. The roads are twisty and not alot of room.

The views are majestic and beautiful
On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Hungry Horse Dam which is a 564 foot hydroelectric dam on the south fork of the Flathead River, built in the 1950s. It is just down the road and about 4 miles in from Glacier. It is pretty amazing how we build these giant things.

Hungry Horse Dam, 10 minutes from Glacier on Route 2