Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016, Driving from Shelby, MT to Browning, Around Glacier NP to Bigfork, MT, Big Penguin

July 27, 2016, Driving from Shelby, MT Along Route 2 to Browning, Around Glacier NP to Bigfork, MT

Today was a driving day from Shelby, MT, which is basically a one street town and a lot of rail road tracks to Bigfork which is below Glacier National Park. The rail road is big in northern Montana. The rails run through all of the towns along Route 2 and we have followed them all across the state.

One of the places we went through was the Marias Pass, elevation 5,213, near Glacier and the Continental Divide. The picture below shows the memorial for John Frank Stevens who was the principal engineer for the Great Northern Railway and charted this route in December of 1889. Also located here is the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Obelisk for William H. "Slippery Bill" Morrison who's land this all was. Just one of those monuments you see while traveling.

The Roosevelt and John Frank Stevens Memorials
Today we finished up with the prairie and wheat and moved into the mountains. We are just below Glacier National Park which we will visit in the next several days. We will stay two days here in Bigfork and then meet our daughter, who is flying in, and move to Kalispell for several more days. The weather has cooled a little and we are out of farm country.

The giant penguin in Cut Bank, MT. These are so cool.

Mountains along the bottom of Glacier National Park
Our Subaru Forrester is doing great