Friday, July 15, 2016

Gettysburg National Military Park, July 13 and 14. Visited the Battlefield

July 13, 14, 2016. July 13 was a driving day and then the 14th was a day for visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park. We stayed in a Marriott about 2 miles away.

Entrance to Gettysburg national Military Park Museum

July 13 was a driving day from Newburg, NY to Gettysburg, PA. For dinner Wednesday night we went to a Subway store in the town of Gettysburg. The store was actually across the street from the Soldiers National Cemetery and we got caught in a very large thunder and lighting storm. The store lost power twice while we were there. When we were driving we had to pull off the road for a while because of the intensity of the rain. On the way back to the hotel we saw the car that caused the power outage. It had hit a poll and destroyed it, busting it into 3 pieces. Don't know about the driver.

On Thursday we toured the Gettysburg site, saw the movie-excellent, went through the museum and then took the self guided auto tour around the three battle fields. The temperature was hot about 95 degrees. The actual battle took place on July 1-3, so it most likely was also quite hot then also. It is an amazing place, quite large. It is interesting to see each of sites. You can see quite clearly why the Union had the advantage even though it was out manned. They had all the high ground. I remember reading the Michael Shaara book "Killer Angels" on the battle of Gettysburg and being engrossed by the descriptions of Pickett's Charge and the battle around Little Round Top. Being there you can really see why there was so much death and destruction. Round Top is quite a climb up and how these guys could charge through all that open county side is amazing. So many soldiers from both sides died here and so many other places.

What is also amazing is that all over the battlefield are 1300 monuments to both sides. To states, divisions, individuals, everything. They are everywhere. What is also interesting is the balance of monuments to both sides, North and South. Both sides were honored. The soldiers cemetery is where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address. A informative and amazing day of history
Confederate cannons along Seminary Ridge, the main Southern position

Off to the right is where the famous Pickett's Charge took place, looking at the Union lines

Virginia State Monument, there are 1300 large and small sites like this

Of course we had to stop at Mr. G's for an ice cream and sarsaparilla

Adding some of the days events into my journal book.

We also stopped by Mr. G's for some ice cream and a sarsaparilla. 

To get a great flavor of the battle at Gettysburg pick up the fantastic book The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, available at