Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, Driving from Gettysburg PA to Columbus OH, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

July 15, 2016, Today was a driving day. We drove about 350 miles from Gettysburg PA to Columbus Ohio. Another long, hot 90+ degree day. All through Penn, it was trucks, trucks, trucks. Route 70 is mostly a two lane interstate and it is filled with trucks going both ways. I guess our country is doing pretty well by the amount of goods going back and forth. By the time we got to West Virginia and then Ohio the volume of trucks was much less but we were often completely surrounded by tracker trailer trucks on all sides.

But before we left the Gettysburg area we took a stop at Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Europium. I guess this guy likes to collect elephants, they are everywhere, he has about 12,000. 

Arriving north of Columbus we stayed in the Nationwide Hotel, part of their conference center, pretty nice, and had dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Beautiful sunset.

In front of Mister Ed's Elephant Museum

One of the many elephants on the grounds.
Inside the Allegany Tunnel with the trucks