Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, Arrived in St. Louis, Stopped by the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site

Today we drove over 400 miles from Columbus, OH to St Lewis. Pretty easy driving except when Louise is driving and then we end up in traffic. Much cooler today, started in the 70s and climbed to almost 90. Saw a tracker trailer accident and also the remains of a motorcycle accident.   We drove  by corn and corn and more corn.

Corn, corn, and more corn, and also lots of clouds all the way across IN and IL

We have arrived in St. Lewis. Close off the highway is the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site at Camp Dubois off highway 3 south of Alton, Illinois. We toured the museum and saw the movie. A simple basic historic museum. We then drove up to Alton and then looked for a hotel. Everything in the entire area seemed booked, we ended up at a Red Roof in Troy, Illinois, back up Rt. 207.

A full size replicator of Lewis & Clark's 55 foot river craft

Bruce standing beside the boat that took Lewis & Clark up the river

Bruce outside the Lewis & Clark Historic Site Museum, excited to be here.