Friday, July 8, 2016

Our First Stop, Well Really Our Second Stop on Our Road Trip

We have sold our house, moved all our belongings into storage and started our adventure. On the Wednesday night of our move I had made reservations at the Hilton in Dedham, MA. We were exhausted from the weeks of getting ready, all the packing and then the 17 hour move day. We walked into the hotel and couldn't believe it but it is under reconstruction. Plywood, construction stuff, plastic, all kinds of stuff going on. To get to our room we also had to walk through a big health club. All these people exercising, weigh lifting, music pumping. Not the atmosphere we were looking for. We stayed there two days and have since moved to the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood while we finish up a few loose ends. A much quieter hotel, no health club with jumping people and nicely located, I can walk to the Staples to file some insurance form tomorrow. Dinner was Chipotle, a nice chicken and rice bowl. Breakfast this morning was the food court at Whole Foods Dedham. We are living large.

Pulling out our camping gear from the storage unit,

Four Points Sheraton has a nice little garden for taking
wedding pictures, our first on the road shot.
There is a little waterfall behind us.

We are starting to feel a little more relaxed, still sore, this will take some time but the sale and move is over. Sunday we head to Connecticut and to the start of our traveling. To start we went north a couple of miles and then south a couple of miles but shortly much more. The other funny thing was we need to raise our big wood slab table off the floor in our storage unit. So to do this we went to Home Depot to get some small pieces of wood. The guys there ended up giving them to us, we just needed two little scraps.

Around the edge of the hotel is a river walk that goes along the
Neponset River. Who knew it was even here.