Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 26, 2016, Big Sky Country is Really True in Montana, Wheat and Wheat and Wheat

We have all heard about the "Big Sky Country" in Montana. I didn't really understand it until came here and drove across the state. The state is huge, we have spent a number of days driving across and around it. Often on little back roads through miles of fields to reach some obscure Lewis & Clark site. In Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota it was all about corn and soybeans, miles and miles of it. And it was big.

But in Western Montana it is just bigger, and it is all about wheat. The wheat fields are massive especially along I-15 from Three Forks to Great Falls and up to Shelby. The sky's are also massive. I guess this is the wheat growing area, it is everywhere. I am not sure I can even really capture how much there is and how big it is in a picture. The fields just go on forever. As we worked our way north along I-15 they were also starting to harvest the wheat. What was really cool is that they were out there in the oncoming storm. It was kind of wild. It has been one of the most interesting things on this trip that I have seen. It is so simple, just wheat field but they are so big, and so many different colors. It has been great to see. We are a big nation and there are a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of the wheat comes from right here.

We are driving along I-15 going north along wheat fields

Three pictures to give you a sense of the size.
Wheat is out there but the general landscape is also huge.

Along I-15, we are trying to skirt an on coming storm, it is coming up on our left.
The wind was amazing going left to right

Some really big farm equipment, it is like three times higher than our car.
We will get caught in that rain that you can see on the
right side in a couple of minutes.