Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 31, 2016 Day at Flathead Lake, Paddleboard, Watercolor and Sunset Viewing

July 31, 2016 Day at Flathead Lake, Paddle board, Watercolor and Sunset Viewing.

Sunday we went back down to Flathead Lake in Bigfork for a day at the beach. Montana has a series of beautiful state parks all around the edges of Flathead Lake. A day pass gets you into any of the parks so you can visit a coupe if you want. The weather has been a little cooler and easier to take. The weather was windy but very nice. We also had Heather with us which was very nice. Heather wanted to do some paddle boarding so why not give it a try. I did pretty well. Heather gave me a quick lesson. I only fell off once so I thought that was good. I learned a couple of things that really helped. Stand up as straight as you can with the paddle fully extended and the faster you can go the more stable and easier it is. We had fun and even tried an advanced trick of running the two boards side by side touching. The rest of the time we spent doing watercolors and enjoying the day.

Back to Kalispell for dinner and then back down to Bigfork for a beautiful sunset. We keep finding ourselves in Bigfork. It seems to keep calling us. We have been in this area so much that we are finally learning how to get around. What seems like a huge distance to go somewhere for us Easterners is nothing when you are in Montana. "Hey lets drive 40 miles to see the sunset, ok, lets go."

Bruce trying out a paddle board for the first time. Went pretty well.

An afternoon watercolor.

Bruce, Louise and Heather waiting for the sunset at Flathead Lake.

Sunset on Flathead Lake, Bigfork, Montana