Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 23-25, Camping Cougar Rock, Mt. Rainier, Hiking to Glacier Vista and Cooking Pancakes, 100 Years of the NPS

August 23-25, Camping Cougar Rock, Mt. Rainier, Hiking to Glacier Vista and Cooking Pancakes, 100 Years of the National Park Service, (NPS)

We did it, we finally camped. We have been lugging our camping gear all over the country. But it has been so hot that we just couldn't bear to break it out. After flying back from guitar camp we thought the weather might be a little cooler and we would give it another try. On Tuesday morning, August 23, we drove back to Mt. Rainier and took a chance that we could grab a spot. We noticed that during the week spots were often open. We were right. Cougar Rock Camp Site had a few spots left.

The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Our tent is kind of big, 10'x16' but we were lucky and one of the available sites fit. Everything went fine, no problems. The tent works, our new REI inflatable mattress were perfect, the camp stove worked, the weather was perfect, nice and cool and we had lots of pancakes.

On Wednesday we drove up to Paradise and I hiked the Skyline Trail up to Glacier Vista at 6336 feet. Paradise is where the main lodge is a Rainier and the starting point of many of the trails. It is all straight up but with the help of my hiking poles I made it just fine. The two best investments; the REI mattresses and two hiking poles.

On Wednesday night we also attended a lecture in our Camp ground on the changes that are always happening at Rainier. I have been to a number of lectures at different National Parks over the years and they do an excellent job with education.

We had two nice night time fires at our site and some amazing views of the night sky and millions of stars.

Skyline trail heading up

Mt. Rainier through the trees.

Along the Skyline trail, stunning views, wild flowers have passed and the
season is changing

Hiking on the Skyline Trail. all trails lead to Paradise

Mt. Rainier towering over the Paradise Lodge. 14,410 feet. A beautiful site

Mt. Rainier over my shoulder
Our tent, it worked great, a little big but it went up and down easily.

Pancakes cooking and a cup of cofferer

Louise sitting at the table with the tent in the background.
They have really nice tent camping sites

Bruce cooking up some pancakes for breakfast

On Thursday it was the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. It was founded formally on August 25, 1916. It was kind of cool to be there for it. Rainier was the 5 park formed. The National Parks are fantastic and I encourage everyone to visit as many of them as you can. We went to a display at Longmier but got on the road to start going south and missed the cake ceremony that was held at Paradise in the afternoon.

They had a nice display from the museum at Longmirre, Mt. Rainier.