Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 12, Fly Back to Boston for SAMW Guitar Camp, Open Mike, and Wrote a Song

August 12, Fly Back to Boston for SAMW Guitar Camp, Open Mike and Wrote a Song

As sometimes happen in trips, we take a detour for a little while. I had a long scheduled trip to my annual guitar camp run by WUMB radio in Boston called the Summer Acoustic Music Week or SAMW. This is my 15th year going to this camp. It is always a blast. I flew back to Boston and connected with my friend Bo and we headed up to New Hampshire for a week of music and friends. Before going Bo took me to a new coffee house called Appleseed and I got to play a song with old friends. Great way to warm up for camp. This year my goal was to learn how to write a song, finish it and then perform it on Friday at the student concert. I did. Learn more about my song in the next blog post. I take you through the steps.

The lines were really big at the Seattle Airport. You know you are
managing things the best when you have a guy with a sign that says
End of The Line

Mt. Rainier from the air, pretty cool

Playing the Appleseed Open Mic with friends, Janet, Bo and Carolyn

Our beach on Lake Winnipesaukee

I am always smiling at guitar camp

The evening dances are one of my favorite things.

Mandolin masters, they are all amazing

Our student performances

Friday night we have a mandolin, guitar, fiddle, whatever parade

Got together with some friends afterwards for an evening in Maine,
to much fun