Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thank You To NPA TV for 9 Great Years

My last night with NPA-TV, with host Jack McCarthy on Norwood Digest

A big thank you to NPA-TV tonight for the last 9 years of being part of local public access TV in Norwood, Mass. Tonight I was on Norwood Digest as a guest describing my upcoming trip. Over the past years I have been a behind the scenes producer for one of the best public access TV stations in the country. Producing 180 shows over that time on every kind of topic you can think of. Parades, heart transplant survivors, government and board meetings of all kinds, Dancing with the Stars, Christmas shows, Turkey Trots, and tons of events. It has been great to be involved with the station and the community. NPA-TV has been bringing Norwood to Norwood for the past 14 years and it has been fun to be part of it.

Part of going on this trip and moving our house is the leaving of all the different groups and organizations I have been part of. It is one of the harder parts, Norwood, MA has been a great community to be part of and involved in.