Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Resource Book and Maps for Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail

Taking the book and applying it to my Montana map

Our trip is coming up shortly and I have been doing my research on the road we will take. I have been reading the book Traveling Lewis and Clark Trail, Fourth Edition by Julie Fanselow. I have been enjoying this book a lot. It goes into excellent detail on the route Lewis and Clark took and matches it up with major and minor highways and roads. You can drive it really quickly or take your time.

Holding up my marked up Lewis and Clark book.

At the front of the book Fanselow has laid out a two week road trip with directions, hours and miles if you want to just burn through the journey. Or you could cut each day in half and extend it like we will probably do. She gives you a pretty good idea of distance and times. I have been reading the book and matching what she is talking about with maps that I got from AAA. AAA has excellent maps that are included in your membership fee. With yellow and pink markers I have been noting the routes, the side trips and highlighting areas to visit. She has also mixed in a nice amount of history so you know what is going on. The book is all highlighted and ready to go. I also took my book to a local quick printer and had the spine cut off and a spiral binding added so my book can lay flat. Much easier.

My collection of travel maps from my local AAA office.

 Traveling Lewis and Clark Trail, Fourth Edition by Julie Fanselow is available at