Friday, June 10, 2016

Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail by Julie Fanselow, Our Guide Book for the Trip

I have just finished reading Julie Fanselow's excellent book on traveling the Lewis & Clark trail, Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail. This book takes us from St. Louis, up the Missouri River over the Rockies and on to the Pacific. In her book she lays out a two week romp across the US West, pointing the quick route and the slow scenic routes that you can take. The book contains a nice mix of history, sites and travel tips. What I did in prep is to mark my AAA maps with the path Lewis & Clark took, and the path she lays out. One of things she does that I really like is that she breaks the 13 days of the trip down to mile markers and time so we now have an idea of how far and how long it might take if we follow her book. Our plan is to double her time and take a more relaxed trip. We will also be wandering off the trail to visit sites and National Parks. All and all this book has been very helpful in planning the trip.

You can check a previous post with a picture of my marked up map from AAA

Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail (Falcon Guide) by Julie Fanselow, breaks your trip down day by day, filled with maps, travel and historical information, excellent resource. From Amazon "This guide is an in-depth look at how to get the most out of a visit to the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. The best sites to see and activities to do along the way are given, as well as maps, itineraries, and local resources for lodging and dining."
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