Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 7-9, 2016 Camped in Grand Teton National Park, Spectular Views, Herd of Antelope

September 7-9, 2016 Camped in Grand Teton National Park, Spectular Views, Herd of Antelope

We got back to camping in one of the most spectacular places we have been, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Grand Teton sits right below Yellowstone and above Jackson Hole and is often overpowered by its neighbor. But this is a fantastic park. It is smaller but the views are amazing.

We stayed in the Colter Bay Camp Ground which is about in the middle of the park. From here we moved around to view the different lakes, meadows and mountains. We caught a beautiful sunset on Thursday and saw a herd Prong Horned Antelope.  We also had much cooler nights with temps dropping down into the 30s. Camping went well and a little easier than at Mt. Rainier. We are learning all the time.

I also had time to do a watercolor which was fun.

Hunt Camp Boundary, Watercolor from Grand Teton National Park

This summer Grand Teton has been dealing with fires on the northern top part of the camp. We could see the results along Route 89 when we drove up to Yellowstone, see picture below. We could also see fires burning on one of the Teton mountains during the day. They continue to deal with fire, opening and closing Route 89.

I would put Grand Teton on your list of National Parks to visit. It is easy to get around and a beautiful place to visit.

Bruce and Louise standing at the Grand Teton entrance.

The Grand Teton Mountains give spectacular views

Camping in Grand Teton, Louise in front of our tent

Making breakfast at our Teton campsite, including pancakes. Temp in the 40s

We had campfires both nights.

On Thursday we watch a fantastic sunset over the Tetons

National Parks give you great opportunities to explore

Taking a walk on the Taggart Lake trail
Fire services were being stages near our camp ground.

Some of the fire damage we saw as we drove north to Yellowstone.